Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Big Foot is sick. I told Bean that he just needs batteries, but she is sure it is something much more serious. So Big Foot is lying in bed next to me on Millie's bed, while Bean is providing him with medical care, giving him shots with a pen. Millie is apparently working in food services, as she just crawled in, bringing him coffee and eggs from the Disney Princess kitchen. Bean says that Big Foot may die. I hope he at least makes it until lunch. I 'm told that we are having a birthday party for him after lunch. Bean tells me that Big Foot has never had a party before. She wants him to have one before he dies. She's kind of like the "Make a Wish" foundation for monsters. Bean tells me that I need to bring Big Foot a present. I wonder what kind of gift one is supposed to bring to the birthday party of a dying fictional monster???

Thursday, January 17, 2013

At what age do they develop a filter?

Bean (4) to a woman at the grocery store: I LOVE your make up!

Woman (approximately 30): Awwwwe! That's so sweet! Thank you!

Bean: You look just like a scary clown! Scary clowns are my favorite!!!

Woman: (Quietly walks away with a shocked look)

What do you say in that moment???

Monday, January 14, 2013

Learning to Reason

Bean (4): Hey mom! Can we go to the beach tomorrow?

Mom: No honey. It's too cold for the beach.

Bean: How about the jungle? Jungles aren't cold.

Mom: The jungle is too far away.

Bean: How about the moon? The moon is REALLY far away. Can we go there?

Mom: It IS too far away. Maybe someday you could go though.

Bean: I guess the beach is looking better now, huh?