Thursday, May 3, 2012

Samta Claus

Me: Mommy has to clean because people are coming over.

Bean: Who coming over?

Me: Well, Tony, Ronnie, Eric, Chris, and Sam.

Bean: Sam???

Me: Yep. Sam. Remember her? She was the pretty girl with the brown hair at our football party.

Bean: I remember. I will call her Samta Claus.

Me: No, not Santa Claus. Sam.

Bean: I know. I just calls her that. Samta Claus.

Me: I don't think she wants you to call her "Samta Claus". How about you just call her "Sam"???

Bean: Samta Claus is better name than Poopy butt.

Me: Yes, it is. But we just call her "Sam"?

Bean: Ok, but that boring.