Saturday, March 10, 2012

I sign it myself!!!

We are at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ. We were waiting in line to get the autograph of Chandler (who plays Carl in the Walking Dead). Bean sees the different actors signing autographs and the independence streak of a 3 year old kicked in.

Bean: Don't want him to do it! I'll sign it myself.

Me: That's not the way autographs work. You pay to have the person sign it.

Bean: No! I sign it myself!!!!

We hear a chuckle from off to the side. Tom Towles is looking at Bean, smiling and shaking his head. For those who don't know horror movies, Tom starred in The Devil's Rejects, Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, and the 2007 version of Halloween.

Tom: You want to sign it yourself?

Bean: Yes! I sign it myself!

Tom: Well, that's something I'd like to see. Come over here and sign my autograph for me.

Bean bounced and jumped over to Tom's table and crawled behind it. Tom got out an 8x10 glossy and a marker... and Bean went to work drawing a series of "i"s across the forehead.

Tom: Hey, that's pretty good! It looks like I've got blood dripping from my head. (laughing)

He handed Bean the pic and she proudly put it in Daddy's backpack.

Bean: See! I signed it myself!

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  1. So, did daddy get on board with the zombie makeup or did Bean eat him?