Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Views on Salad

Bean: Look mom! Pasquale is happy!

Pasquale is Bean's bearded dragon. We got him as a compromise at a reptile show back in September. What Bean REALLY wanted was a 20' boa constrictor. She laid on the floor of the convention hall and sobbed when she learned that we would not be bringing one home. We eventually got her to settle for Pasquale. He eats crickets and veggies. I can handle that.

Me: Pasquale is happy? Why do you think he's happy?

Bean: He's happy cause Daddy gives him salad. He bought it for him.

Me: We have more salad. Should mommy put some in your lunch?

Bean: Mom!!!!!! You KNOW I'm not a lizard!!!! You crazy mom!

I guess I need to push the veggies a bit more. :-/

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