Thursday, March 8, 2012

There can be only one!

Yesterday morning, I was in a hurry, so I dumped some Lucky Charms into a Baggie and loaded the girls into the car. Bean quickly began rifling through the cereal, searching for marshmallows.

"Oooo.... a star! Oooo... A clover!". This went on for a few minutes until...

"Mom! A rainbow one! There's a rainbow one!".

You would have thought the kid found real gold at the end of that rainbow! She was so excited, until....

"Another rainbow one????"

Bean eyed up the marshmallows, one in each tiny hand, squinting at them, trying to determine if they were indeed the same.

Next I heard a deep, growling voice from the back seat, "There can be only one!".

Then the sword fighting noises began. They continued for a few minutes until only one poor rainbow was left standing. Bean licked it and proudly stuck it to the back of the passenger seat. There it remained until all of the other marshmallows were gone. I suppose it was waiting to see if it needed to go to battle once more. Luckily, the rainbows ones aren't as common as the other marshmallows.

Authors note: If you didn't really understand this blog, go onto Netflix and rent yourself "Highlander". You have been deprived. Bean has seen about 20 minutes of it when it was on TV and it apparently has made a huge impact.

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